Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm back baby! And now for something completely different...

So I'm finally moved into the new place! My apologies for forcing you to live without my mundane (or is that inane?) ramblings for far too long.

Are you like me? Do you ever watch/read/pay attention to someone important semi-famous and think 'Hey, I could do that!'?
Not in The Little Engine That Could way, but rather in the How is this guy more qualified than me? egotistical way. Well I do, and recently I have come across a couple cases of this which I will (maybe possibly might) prove that I could do it better.

This example is internet based, so the qualifications are that you breathe. I just checked, and I qualify.

The multitude of video game podcasts (that suck).

While I find ZeroPunction's reviews amusing, they are obviously written for entertainment and hold no real "review" value. Most other podcasts take 20 minutes to "finish munching their nachos"1 and then 3 guys with tantamount voices just mumble about why the current line-up of games isn't perfect. Then they argue why each other is an idiot.

I would like to find or create a podcast where people with distinguishable voices actually give some insight to how a game plays/looks/feels rather than the classic five year old argument "it sucks!", "does not!", "does to!".

Anyone have a good gaming podcast or maybe someone who would partner up with the old Fynnsky for our very own?

[1] Chris Storey, 2009

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