Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So I stumbled upon this funny Periodic Table of Awesoments which made me want to post my top 5 things that are awesome:

5. Sarcasm
Because I really really appreciate you and what you have done for the world.

4. Camping
I love sitting in a forest with a beer in one hand and a chainsaw in the other. So I guess this one could be renamed "camping or being a crazed killer". Whether it be in a tent with holes so big you can't remember which one is the door, or in "The affordable way to get away" boxtent in the back of my truck, me loves the camping.

3. lolcatz
Many dark and dreary days - where one thing after another was going wrong - have been turned around by a hillarious picture of a cat with a clever quip. And so I ask you all:
2. Boobs
'nuff said

1. Bazookas
To me, the bazooka was always the coolest weapon to pretend you had when having a pretend gun fight as a kid. Nothing felt quite like resting that cold heavy metal on my shoulder, closing one eye and taking aim at my sister the enemy forces.
* side note: Although my mother worked for the Canadian Forces, and let me watch training video's on how to properly fire surface to air missiles or the benefits of tracer ammo, I was never allowed to own any gun toys as a kid. Not even a water gun.
Nothing beats a bazooka. Nothing. Try using one in your next game of rock/paper/scissors. I guarantee you will win.

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